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I am 21 years old, live in a city of India and am mainly working as a consultant. My credit is good and I love my job. The challenges associated with this activity, calling me every day. Surely you wonder why someone like me, it really necessary has to work as an escort. Well, the money was not my primary motivation. Although I must admit that I myself can afford some luxuries, thanks to the additional earnings that enrich my life pleasant.

No, much more I started to work as an escort because I'm adventurous and like new men get to know. I liked the idea to have several dates in the month and not knowing exactly who drafted me. I'm happily single, but certainly I will agree with some of you, when I say that it is not easy to meet attractive men. The activity as an accompaniment seemed a sensible way to live out my fantasies is to have fun while meeting new people with five years ago. So I ventured a try. But for the first time before I made contact with a service agency for accompaniments, I invested a lot of time initially in selecting the agency. I wanted a reputable agency that not only helps their customers on their hands, but also the best Escorts treated. Finally, I was lucky and had the step fortunately never looked back.

I am more than satisfied and want to clean up at this point with the prejudices that hold in relation to the escort service persistent. An escort has nothing to do with a whore or brothels. One should beware of this term at all in one sentence to mention. In Escorts Join the really stands in the foreground. My main task is to assist my clients to various events. From fairs to theater performances to private party or a romantic dinner for two and more. Even for short trips to the most beautiful beaches I was already booked. When accompaniment is therefore experienced an awful lot and there among the clientele also many wealthy men can be found, I may indulge myself regularly. I eat exclusive menus, drink expensive wine and must enjoy experiences that I would hardly know without this job.

By Bindu, Delhi, India

An Escorts Experience Of Our Customer

Hello, it's me, Ajay Singh. After my good experiences on the first date on Favorite-Escorts again I had planned a nice date, this time on a weekend. All the ladies here look fabulous, it was difficult to decide. But then came my decision, my favorite was this time Simran.

I booked Simran for 9 hrs., Wanted her to spend me a nice evening until the early morning hours. Simran is also a great, beautiful woman with Esprit, their photos show only half the story, because it is much more beautiful, a woman with wild charisma, where I as a man can love be weak. With this same charisma and with their insanely beautiful eyes she drew me immediately into their spell. Added to this was her smile, which made me melt away. We have a good time, immediately understood. In addition, it was also wonderfully emotional, she is sensitive and also the erotic between her and me was indescribable and full of feelings. Everything else will be our secret, because I as a gentleman's silence. Just as much, Simran is worth more than a sin.

I'll book it again sometime, again as a highlight of an unforgettable moment. Although this date now belongs to the past, these many moments are also always remain in my memory. At this point, a very loving thanks to Simran for the wonderful time spent together. Also to you, dear team, especially here then back to Tom, because I have again performed all conversations with him and he gave me some advice for my decision, also a very big thank you for his trouble , which has worked well throughout the Date organizational way. I stay still like to get as a customer because again everything properly (payment etc.) is exemplary and expired.

By Ajay Singh, Chandigarh, India

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